Street light solar kit

Kit illuminazione fotovoltaica 30 WThe street light solar kit is a system in which the photovoltaic solar modules generate the electricity during the day. The electricity is stored in the batteries and it is used in the dark to power the LED street light.
The programmable controller allow to set the time of functioning of the street light according to the specific need of the customer.
The street light solar kit can be used to light streets, bridges, square, walking area, cycling road, …

The kit is made by :
- Photovoltaic solar modules
- controller 12-24 V with twilight function, timer and protection from excessive charge or discharge
- Mounting system in hot dip galvanized steel composed by: pole, housing for batteries and controller, photovoltaic panels bracket
- 1 led street lighting
- AGM batteries deep cycle

All the systems can be sized according to the specific need of the customer (solar irradiation, lighting power, geographical position, etc …)

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Components Picture Specification Example
1) LED street light 120W Solar Street Light_img_2 LED power:120W/24V USA Bridgelux LED chip
Total LED chip Luminous: >12000lm
With energy saving mode function
Color temperature:3500-6500K – Defend grade:IP65
Lampshell: Aluminum – Working life: >50000 hours
Warranty:3years – Q’ty: 1pc
120W Solar Street Light_img_3
2) Solar panel 120W Solar Street Light_img_4 120W/18V, poly silicon
Working life: >25 years
Warranty: 10years
Q’ty: 2pcs
3) Battery 120W Solar Street Light_img_5 Gel battery, sealed free maintainance 150Ah/DC12V
Working life: 6-8 years
Warranty:3years – Q’ty: 2pcs
4) Solar Controller 120W Solar Street Light_img_6 24V/10A, Time on/off; Time on+time off
Working life: >6years, with morning-lighting function
Warranty: 4years waterproof IP68 – Q’ty: 1pc
5) Pole 120W Solar Street Light_img_7 8m height with solar panel bracket made of hot-dip galvanized steel Material Q235A
Anti-rust, anticorrosion
Working life: >25 years
Warranty: 10years – Q’ty: 1set
6) Battery box 120W Solar Street Light_img_8 Material:Plastic, fully sealed waterproof
7) Foundation kit 120W Solar Street Light_img_9 1000cm length, 4pcs of M20 anchor bolt
8) Cable,screw 120W Solar Street Light_img_10 Enough cable, screws and all the accessories